-  When will my order be delivered ? 

Delivery to all regions of the Kingdom ranges from 2 working days to a maximum of 3 days from the time the request is approved 

- Can I know the delivery charges ?

Delivery and shipping for 35 all regions of the Kingdom 

-  Are the products original ?

All products are 100% original boutique and we do not deal with any counterfeit products. They are registered in Maarouf and we have an  
approved commercial registry 

- What payment methods are available ?

Mada, Visa, Pay on delivery with "additional fees" 

 - How can I contact you ? 

We are happy to receive your inquiries via contact number or email, Mélange Boutique   

 ! How to cancel the order ? 

Before the order is shipped, the order will be canceled immediately    

After the order has been shipped, you can contact us to cancel the order or amend the order

We wish you an enjoyable shopping

آمري و تدللي..

هلا و سهلا !

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